New hack V2.2.4 J0zo0h
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 New hack V2.2.4

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New hack V2.2.4 Empty
PostSubject: New hack V2.2.4   New hack V2.2.4 EmptyWed Jan 27, 2010 1:46 am

Beware this is harder to detect than the one you are used to, now the hacker teleports around and is never standing in one spot.
To counter this I have found that they seem to be located on the left edge of the map they are hacking, and it looks like the keep falling.
To cap this simply spam right click *because they are moving it will be a little difficult* and viola your screencap.

Also there is a godmode hack now, so keep an eye out for lowbies in an impossible area.

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New hack V2.2.4
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