Dango's grindin guide! from lvl 0 to 130 J0zo0h
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 Dango's grindin guide! from lvl 0 to 130

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Dango's grindin guide! from lvl 0 to 130 Empty
PostSubject: Dango's grindin guide! from lvl 0 to 130   Dango's grindin guide! from lvl 0 to 130 EmptyTue Jan 26, 2010 5:41 pm

I will quote some of the fallenstar grinding spots here Very Happy
Remeber the rule: monsters between a 14 levels range from the player, will give full exp.

Kill puma, and make to level 5. Do some beginning quests so that you have some pots to use if you are not funded. From level 5, i recommend killing Blue Housel.

11~20 -
Kill in the honey place, [Bearded Bees] Wind Cliff is a bit rough to train at unless you do Bibi's quest and get the weapon. train there until lvl 15

Around level 15, you should have the weapon and a lot of pots to get to 20 in no time. Hunt where Lind Hawk spawns. Kill the Blue Birds there. They give good exp. stay here until lvl 26


here is when everything slow downs for a lot of people, i recommend to do purification quests and start killing debrak, bring a lot of potions whit you cause he kinda hits hard, debrak drops yellow stuff that can be npcd or sold in the Auction House, do anything you want.

if you kill too slow and waste too many potions try grinding in Giant potion I whit dugongs or ocean cliff whit mermaids. now get to lvl 30 and gratz! you are ready to job advance!


These levels are really tiring, all i can recommend is Giant potion I, ocean cliff, Debrak or even wonderplus parking lot.
For warriors just keep farming mark until your lvl 38.


Start killing in Wonderplus Parking lot, at the last floor whit Board Chups, they jump, so it easier to make them follow you. to go to wonderplus parking lot, just go to the right portal from wonderplus until you see something like a subway entrance (its after cop chups).


We are now back to giant potion, this time we will go deeper and start killing Gupis! The best spot here its Giant potion III, lots of mobs, just be careful when walking cause you might fall, you can solo or make a party xD


Time to get LOTs of party points! making a party during these levels is a must~! go to Hellen kunta square II dark and hallow waters spawn here, ignore the totems, there are 4 platforms whit 6 mobs each, so it will be pretty good ^^ some people dont like this place cause these waters are Hero type monsters, so they don't get knock-back, and they stun, so its pretty annoying, however they're the greatest experience for these levels, and drop lots of armors Smile


Time to walk a lot and mob like crazy!~ head to North lab entrance by teleporting from wonderplus, (remember to bring a lot of space and potion whit you) from here walk all the way to North Lab F12, you will find shark tails and Cyclops, very easy to mob, if you kill them too fast just change channels or wait for respwan, tough ccing its better. another option once you reach lvl 50 its to kill Merrouts at Hidden lab (to get there just keep walking until you get to lab F13, press Tab and you will see a portal in the bottom left corner,enter there) they are easy to mob, you will have to change channels like in F12.


At lvl 54 you can start training at Temple F9 whit Papersto and ghost lid, which is IMO one of the best spots to train. When you reach lvl 56 head to temple F19(sometimes it could be too full and you will have to change channels until you find one free), bombers might not be easy to kill in mobs but i recommend to just lure gunners, attract them to the biggest mob of bombers you see, and kill, then kill the spare bombers while gunners re spawn. stay here until lvl 71-74, whenever you feel the exp is too slow. At lvl 66 you cna aslo try Everwood Lumberyard III or IV, i recommend a party for this but its also solo able.


you can stay at temple or make your way to Naghpa Swamp II, III or VI. Training whit big mudmen, big mudmen or accubus, all of them are good, be careful because they deal quite good dmg, you can also do some conversation quest cause some of them end up whit a 100k+ reward. get to lvl 74 fast Very Happy


Its time to protect your honey jars from the evil bears! the mission will become avaible once you reach lvl 74 get a partner and start doing Protect The Honey mission, you will get 5k party points every 10min, lots of drops, Weapon materials for Dango and a hella lot of exp, bears will come in packs of 12+ monsters, you will lvl super fast. Have no friends on you lvl range? no worries, try this out!~http://wonderking.ndoorsgames.com/center/forum/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=19631&posts=14&start=1


Time to go to Bermos Aircraft I and II, the good thing about this spot its that its uber moby and you can choose to solo or make a party, party seems to be faster but solo its also really great, you will be killing Bone flys and Skull flys, as well as some Hammerman; the only problem of this zone its that some of the mobs "float" in the air when using skills that punch them up, so be careful.
You can also start training in Yafkun! there are many spots here, such as Frozen Snowfield I, II, VII or VIII.
At lvl 94 you can move to Icy Crater V, you will find Shabel and Shakals here, but remember this is a counter clock map.

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Dango's grindin guide! from lvl 0 to 130 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dango's grindin guide! from lvl 0 to 130   Dango's grindin guide! from lvl 0 to 130 EmptyThu Jan 28, 2010 1:14 pm

Add moarz. NOW.

i'm really interested in the 80-130 and the 60-70 not temple 19f...
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Dango's grindin guide! from lvl 0 to 130 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dango's grindin guide! from lvl 0 to 130   Dango's grindin guide! from lvl 0 to 130 EmptyFri Apr 02, 2010 2:40 am

Great guide =DDDDDDD
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Dango's grindin guide! from lvl 0 to 130 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dango's grindin guide! from lvl 0 to 130   Dango's grindin guide! from lvl 0 to 130 Empty

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Dango's grindin guide! from lvl 0 to 130
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