This is what I want... J0zo0h
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 This is what I want...

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Kill3r Third

Kill3r Third

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This is what I want... Empty
PostSubject: This is what I want...   This is what I want... EmptySun Feb 14, 2010 6:32 am

This shall be my one and only suggestion to the guild. It's the one thing that we really need right now, and I've told dango and stabz this. We don't need pvp tourneys, races, hide & seek, all these other crap events. We don't need really active players that are on 24/7. We don't need players which chat until their keyboard keys break. What we need is the sense of belonging in the guild, the family spirit.

What we've lacked from the start of OBT is that. We had it in the CBTs even though so many people left. The guild was falling apart in CBT3 and CBT4. Yet what kept us remaining members in the guild was the memories, the belonging to our guild. We're now in official release, the guild has more people than we've had before. They are active, chatty and all. But we aren't as united as we were in the past.

Without us united, we are no better than any other guild. Akatsuki beat us in levels, VIRUS beat us in activeness. So where do we stand out? We are just an ordinary guild. However, great job our guild master does, active + chattyness + lots of fun guild events =/= family.

So how then, can we make the guild more united as one?

1. Drop all the individualistic events. I mean, their fun of course. Like the valentine's day event. But, almost everyone just wants the prize. And it wouldn't make sense for them to share it because it's only $10. Everyone is just for himself or herself. They all just want the prize. Although there are some that do it in a group, majority didn't do that.

2. Guild screenshots. We don't screenshot just for the sake of screenshots. We should actually have some fun guild gatherings together. Some place like a personal guild area, map would be nice. Don't just hang out in Open Market. Take VIRUS for example, I always saw them hanging outside Hellen OM in the CBTs.

3. Parties. I know there's the whole crap about difference in levels and such. Partying isn't that worth it. However, I still like to see more parties in the guild. We have a whole lot of priests in the group just solo-ing. It's not fun that way. Use the party forum, you can still party in different maps. No sense playing a solo game in a social game.

4. Grinding partners: Find someone of your own leveling pace and grind with them. Find someone that thinks like you, talks alot with you and grind with him or her. Party with him/her every time your on and you can do quests together and such.

5. Find common topics. I noticed you guys don't talk much about outside the game. Other than the food and pie topics, you don't really know much about each other. Neither do you make an effort to know the other people in the guild. You could find common topics, interests that you like to talk about. The world doesn't just revolve around Wonderking. If you do this, you will begin to see the person that is behind the small little avatar and you actually treat him/her as a friend.

6. Be unique. To be honest, I don't see anyone being unique or anything. I cannot see your character. You guys sound so monotonous. =P Add some character into your speech. Like 'Rawr~~~', or spam emoticons between your words like teddy does. Same old boring speech and hardly any character in them. Use caps sometimes, talk random stuff sometimes.

7. Give help without being asked to. You see a guy in our guild wearing some yellow equips, and you have a red equip that fits him fine. Just give it to him. Don't just be so self-centered. For example, you are gonna farm moro. Ask around who needs equips or such. And if someone in the guild asks you for help, give it. (unless they go 'gimmeh zed pl0x'.

That's all I can think of for now.

You guys must see that there is a person behind that small little cute 2d avatar. Don't just be part of the guild, take part in it. Nikky did an awesome job as guild master, it's just this one thing she lacks to complete this guild. It's us. She didn't build up the family spirit in the guild yet. So it's up to us to build it. If we don't have it, our guild will die sooner or later. This is why many members left the guild when Teddy left in CBT3, this is why a few members left when stabz left. But this is why, some of us still stay loyal to the guild.

It's hard being sentimental xP.
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This is what I want... Empty
PostSubject: Re: This is what I want...   This is what I want... EmptyMon Feb 15, 2010 1:58 am

Crying or Very sad thats pretty awesome dude

Go Family Spirit!
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This is what I want... Empty
PostSubject: Re: This is what I want...   This is what I want... EmptyFri Feb 19, 2010 12:16 pm

I'm new to the guild, but everything he said applies to pretty much every MMO out there. Back when I played Ragnarok Online, my guild felt more like an online family than just a bunch of players. We just talked about anime and random things. The higher level players helped out the lower level ones.
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This is what I want... Empty
PostSubject: Re: This is what I want...   This is what I want... Empty

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This is what I want...
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