Archer 2nd job adv J0zo0h
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 Archer 2nd job adv

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Archer 2nd job adv Empty
PostSubject: Archer 2nd job adv   Archer 2nd job adv EmptySat Jan 30, 2010 10:44 am

I need the items for archer 2nd job advancement
in case you dont wanna look at the 2nd adv guide, its these:

200 silver ingots
100 emeralds
50 shining stones

also the respirators and the mega potions. not sure if its HP or MP since it has been changed, but i can get that from teh hellen thingy.
and i would need some zed for the respirators obviously

but please i need these items for later. if possible, give for free. if not, i'll buy...
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Archer 2nd job adv
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