Can i have your weapon material? J0zo0h
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 Can i have your weapon material?

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Can i have your weapon material? Empty
PostSubject: Can i have your weapon material?   Can i have your weapon material? EmptyWed Jan 27, 2010 1:21 pm

I am the weapon crafter of the guild and i would thank if you helped me achieving my goal of being the best weapon crafter of kadopan, or at least, one of the bests.

the weapon materials will drop depending on the monsters you train on, here is a list of all the weapon materials:


Tidal crystal--------------Book of Winds----------------Beach ball---------------Wind feather

Earth crystal-------------Book of blessing----------Mileage coupon-------------Sky feather

Ancient Sun Stone------Book of Storms---------------Shampoo----------------Ruby feather

Ifrit's Breath------------Book of destruction--------Black Russian JB-----------Miracle Feather

i also need irons, ruby, mithril, gold, silver and emerald ores.
as well as rawhides and thread!~

If you have any of these just PM or call me in-game, i am always free Very Happy thnx for your help~!

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Can i have your weapon material? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Can i have your weapon material?   Can i have your weapon material? EmptyTue Mar 02, 2010 8:57 pm

Can i have you Alchemy Mats as well Very Happy

I need:

Alchemic tonis (s) and (pre)
Mysterious Cloth and Lumber
Silk Fabrics, Silk,Leathers, Raw hides and lumbers
Ores and Murkys:D

If you need any materials from alchemy or ores to be processed Msg me ingame plz Very Happy

Ign: BaRRett50
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Can i have your weapon material?
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